DIY Band Camp Spring 2021


DIY Band Camp will be a fun hands-on experience each week as campers learn to craft their own homemade instruments! Prior to the first camp date, each camper will receive a detailed list of around-the-house materials needed for each week (e.g., 2 paper plates, colorful duct tape OR staples, crayons OR markers OR non-toxic paint, and ¼ cup dried beans or rice). Campers will follow step-by-step instructions to create their instruments along with the MT-BC, then will spend the last portion of each session jamming out on their new instruments! Bring your favorite instrument(s) to week 8 as we host a Goodbye Concert via Zoom. 

DIY Band Camp takes place at 4pm CST every Tuesday from January 12th – March 2nd, 2021. Registration is $150 per participant.

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DIY Band Camp is open to people of all ages and abilities! This Virtual Summer Camp will be led by a board-certified music therapist (MT-BC) who is uniquely trained in understanding music’s effect on human cognition, communication, emotion, socialization, and motor skills.


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