Convenient Continuing Ed: Online Resources for Busy Music Therapists

 by Nikki Belshe, MT-BC

Many posts have already been written about how and where to obtain affordable CMTEs, but this blog post is specifically for music therapists seeking convenient CMTE credits.

Why might a therapist seek continuing education credits via the internet? Convenience, flexibility, and fuzzy pajamas are just a few ideas that come to mind! Really though, I am a private practice music therapist with small kiddos at home, so between my work schedule and our family schedule, flexibility is a luxury that I chase. MT-BCs need 100 recertification credits every five-year cycle, so give yourself a break, make a cuppa, and schedule a date with your laptop and some of the resources mentioned below.

Many of the resources we mention are inexpensive or even free. Be sure to check out the Board Certification Domains as you explore these continuing ed opportunities!

1. Online Conference for Music Therapy – Approved Provider

Description: An annual online conference for music therapists all over the globe to watch conference presentations live or recorded (for up to one month afterward).

Approximate time: 12.5 viewing hours for 15 CMTEs

Cost: $125 for CMTE credits; registration information here

2. Music Therapy Ed – Approved Provider

Description: An online resource created by a music therapist and built for music therapists. Kat Fulton did us a solid with this one! Some trainings that I’ve personally taken from Music Therapy Ed have utilized Facebook groups, which has been a wonderful way to network and connect with like-minded colleagues who are pursuing similar ventures.

Approximate time: Varies by course

CostVaries by course

3. Music Therapy & Neuro Ed – Approved Provider

Description: Online courses taught by music therapists with advanced training in neuroscience and other areas of study.

Approximate time: Varies by course

Cost: Varies by course; money back guarantee (Preparing for Disaster is currently a FREE self-study course offered on their site)

4. MusicWorx – Approved Provider

DescriptionMusicWorx is a music therapy and wellness agency in San Diego that also offers continuing education courses and clinical supervision opportunities online.

Approximate time: Up to 15 CMTEs for courses; supervision opportunities also available

Cost: $50 – $150

5. The Spiegel Academy – Approved Provider

Description: The Spiegel Academy has offered online continuing education courses to MT-BCs since 2012.

Approximate time: Varies by course

Cost: starting at $15 per credit

6. CreativeLive Online Trainings

Description: This is a neat online community full of video courses geared toward “creatives” – artists, photographers, designers, musicians, entrepreneurs, and crafters. Check out their Music and Audio Classes here!

Approximate time: Varies by course

Cost: Varies by course, but add that eBates plugin to your browser before you purchase!

7. Reporting Suspected Abuse or Neglect of a Child

Description: This training is Texas-specific, but research to see if there’s a comparable training in your state! Since many music therapists conduct sessions in our clients’ homes and facilities, it is crucial that we not only recognize signs of abuse and neglect, but we understand the process of reporting.

Approximate time: 1 hour

Cost: FREE

8. Trauma Informed Care

Description: Another training offered by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Their description is lovely, so here it is in their words: “The Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) recognizes the long-term effects of adverse childhood experiences such as child abuse and neglect. The need to address trauma is increasingly viewed as an important component of effective service delivery. The impact of trauma is experienced by children, families, caregivers, and the social service providers who serve them. DFPS is providing this training opportunity to assist families, caregivers and other social service providers in fostering greater understanding of trauma informed care and child traumatic stress. We hope this will help you understand the effects that trauma can have on child development, behaviors, and functioning, as well as recognize, prevent and cope with compassion fatigue.”

Approximate time: 2 hours

Cost: FREE


We hope that by sharing these online resources with you, we can inspire you to stay connected within your profession and network with your colleagues.

Here’s a friendly reminder that CPR, de-escalation training (such as CPI, SAMA, or Mandt), and many other mandatory courses and trainings that music therapists often take to work with agencies and facilities might count toward CMTEs each cycle! 

Questions? Email Until next time!

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