Heart and Harmony Music Therapy (HHMT) offers clinical music therapy observation hours to high-school students, college students, and other professionals who wish to learn more about the field of music therapy.

Students and professionals interested in music therapy are welcome to schedule observations with us to see live music therapy sessions and interventions. These observation hours may count toward pre-internship hours if you are a music therapy student enrolled in a university.

A professional music therapist holds a bachelor’s degree or higher in music therapy from one of over 70 American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) approved college and university programs. The curriculum for the bachelor’s degree is designed to impart entry-level competencies in three main areas: musical foundations, clinical foundations, and music therapy foundations and principles as specified in the AMTA Professional Competencies. In addition to the academic coursework, the degree requires 1200 hours of clinical training, including a supervised internship. (AMTA, 2012).
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