Music Lessons

Music Lessons

People of all abilities can benefit from music lessons. Music enriches one’s life in countless ways – but did you know that learning an instrument has been proven to be beneficial? Music can develop and strengthen motor, cognitive, emotional, and even communication skills!

Lessons are $50 for 30 minutes, $90 for 50 minutes.

Adapted Music Lessons

Playing a musical instrument fosters creativity while developing fine-motor skills, discipline, leisure skills, and self-esteem.  Those with intellectual and developmental disabilities deserve the same opportunities as neurotypical individuals to learn, create, and perform music – and this can be made possible with instructional or physical adaptations (Kuester, 2011).

Lessons are $50 for 30 minutes, $90 for 50 minutes.

Instructional adaptations might include:

Behavior management techniques

Visual schedule or checklist for those who benefit from structure

Use of sign-language or non-verbal communication

Diverse routines to maintain attention

Use of preferred music so that student is motivated to learn!

Behavioral adaptations might include:

Color-coded or large-print music

Enlarged guitar picks

EZ Chord

Augmentative communication devices

Alternate tunings that allow simple chords


We currently offer lessons and adapted lessons for:







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