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Nikki Lanza headshot
Nikki Lanza headshot

Nikki Belshe Lanza, MNLM, MT-BC

Hey there, I’m Nikki! I’ve been a Board-Certified Music Therapist since 2009. I primarily see clients via telehealth at this time because the flexibility allows me to complete all the administrative duties that go into managing a group practice.

My undergraduate education focused on a cognitive behavioral approach to therapy, and while my foundation of practice began there, I have grown to incorporate a person-centered approach into both my clinical practice and supervision of professionals and students. I believe that behaviors and thoughts can often be deliberately managed and changed, but I also recognize that lived experience such as oppression, social injustice, and trauma can affect neurology and physiology. I have extensive clinical experience working with disabled individuals, and I deeply care about client autonomy, dignity, human rights, and disability justice. 

My practice Heart and Harmony Music Therapy began hiring contractors in 2013 and employees in 2019. As an employer and supervisor, I value professional sustainability, workers rights, ethical business practice, professional collaboration, and creating a sense of community.

My other passion project is Music Therapy Access Fund. In 2019 I founded MTAF in honor of my late husband, David Belshe, who was also a music therapist. MTAF’s mission is to increase access to music therapy in Texas by awarding music therapy grants and music therapy intern scholarships. 

I love being outdoors! Peak happiness is swinging in a hammock with a good book and a cold brew after a scenic hike with my favorite humans. I love state and national parks, birding, stargazing, and yard work – especially if it involves native plants. I have some kids, some dogs, some jumping spiders, a few beetles, and a whole lotta houseplants.


● Music Therapist – Board Certified (#08938)


● Masters of Nonprofit Leadership and Management, Arizona State University, 2021

● Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy, Sam Houston State University, 2008

Professional Service:

● Past-President, Music Therapy Access Fund, 2024-2025

● Board Member, Certification Board for Music Therapists, 2022-2026

● President, Music Therapy Access Fund, 2019-2023

● Supervision of professionals, 2013 – present

● Supervision of students, 2011 – present

Nikki Lanza

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What Our Clients Say

I recommend Heart & Harmony to any family with children and our experience with how they work with neurodivergence and learning differences, how much autonomy and trust they give students, and how supportive they have been of his learning plan has been a total game changer. If I had to cancel every other therapy or support, H&H is the one I would keep.

– Lizzie M.

What Our Clients Say

My son loves music and loves his music therapists. They are a part of our family and a huge part of my son’s progress over the past four years.

– Nicole R.

What Our Clients Say

They are OT, speech, and lots of fun all rolled into one. When they are here, my girl can be heard loud and clear. We love these people.

– Lora C.

What Our Clients Say

I can’t begin to explain how grateful I am for having used music therapy to get me through my VBAC. This delivery changed my life!

– Lindsey C.

What Our Clients Say

It is such a blessing to have our son work with Heart and Harmony… It really is so much more than just music.

– Christina C.

What Our Clients Say

Heart and Harmony has outstanding music therapists who are highly trained in their field. Highly recommend them!

– Leigh Anne S.

We believe in what we do. We do it with passion.

Heart and Harmony Music Therapy is a team of like-minded music therapists and music therapy interns who are committed to providing accessible, high-quality music therapy services to the Dallas – Fort Worth community.

When you work with Heart and Harmony Music Therapy, you help us provide our employees with important benefits like health insurance – something that contracted music therapists often don’t have access to. At Heart and Harmony, we believe that top-notch therapy is only possible when therapists and clients alike have top-notch support.

Heart and Harmony believes in honoring the self-identities of our clients. We build upon our clients’ strengths, meeting them where they are and celebrating with them as they grow. We are passionate about client autonomy and the accessibility of our services. We offer flexibility by making services available in-home or in-studio to provide a least restrictive environment. We work with individuals on the Texas CLASS and YES Medicaid waiver programs and also accept private pay clients. Payment plans are available to increase accessibility to the benefits of music therapy. 

Heart and Harmony therapists sitting in Nikki's living room, playing music. Nikki and Jordan are sitting on a green couch, playing ukulele and drum. Madison is sitting on an ottoman playing a stringed instrument.
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