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6 Ways to Give the Gift of Music in 2020!

What do you give the loved ones on your list when they’ve spent lockdown online shopping for themselves and options for experiential gifts are limited by COVID-19? You give the gift of music, of course!

Keep reading for six ways you can bring harmony to your home with your holiday shopping this year.

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1. Music Lessons

Did your loved one vow to learn a new instrument during lockdown, only to lose focus a few weeks in? Personal music lessons may be just the thing for them! Check with your local musicians and studios to support small businesses and find a teacher who might be a good match. Many instructors are offering online lessons right now, making this a COVID-19 safe Christmas gift sure to please!

2. Adapted Music Lessons

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities deserve the same opportunities as neurotypical individuals to learn, create, and perform music – and this can be made possible with instructional or physical adaptations! Adapted music lessons might include supports including the use of signed or non-verbal communication, diverse routines to maintain attention, enlarged guitar picks, or alternate instrument tunings that make playing instruments easier!

Did you know that Heart and Harmony offers traditional and adapted music lessons on a variety of instruments? 

3. Music Therapy Services

It’s no secret that 2020 has been rough on everyone’s mental health. If your loved one is looking for a creative way to address their therapeutic goals, music therapy may be a good fit! Potential music therapy interventions might include singing to promote communication and social interaction, guided movement to music experiences to address motor objectives, facilitated discussion and cognitive stimulation, emotional support and therapist-facilitated emotional expression, or any other individualized objectives tailored to the client. Because music therapy is tailored to each individual’s unique goals and is administered by a board-certified music therapist, you can be sure your loved one will be in great hands. 

Learn more about music therapy or telehealth music therapy from Heart and Harmony!

4. Online Music Groups

While we can’t be sure what the spring of 2021 will hold, it looks like many school programs will be online in some capacity and extracurricular activities will still be limited. If the little ones on your list are looking for more ways to safely connect with peers during COVID, consider finding online music groups from a studio or practice near you! Online groups can be a great way to build confidence, learn tools for emotional expression, and get some much-needed socialization for kids – and parents will love an hour of time to themselves, too!

Registration for Heart and Harmony’s online spring music groups is open now – come jam with us during DIY Band Camp or Music and Wellness for Kids!

5. Birth Music Consultations

Expecting parents may be feeling a lot of anxiety along with their joy as conditions and regulations around hospitals continue to change. Research shows that music can be a fabulous way to empower birthing parents and decrease pain and anxiety during labor, even when carefully created birth plans don’t go to plan. A music therapist trained in Sound Birthing Music Therapy can provide evidence-based, actionable plans for expecting parents to use music during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum, and will even create custom womb songs and lullabies for families to treasure. Birth music consultations can take place online, making them a great gift for parents across the globe.

Learn more about Heart and Harmony’s Birth Music Consultation services.

6. Any song from the heart

It sounds cheesy, but if your financial resources are limited and you’re creatively inclined, a custom song or rendition of a family favorite can be a meaningful gift your loved ones will treasure for years to come. You don’t have to write or perform the next chart-topper – with personalized music, it really is the thought that counts.

Questions? Ideas? Email us at for more information about gifting any of Heart and Harmony’s services to your loved ones this year.

How are you spreading holiday cheer and giving the gift of music this year? Let us know in the comments below! 

Annie Roberson, MT-BC

Music Therapist – Board Certified

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