Affordable Gifts for Music Therapists

Affordable Gifts for Music Therapists

by Sarah Turner, MMT, MT-BC

Folks, it’s that time of year – the season of gratitude and gift-giving has finally arrived! If you’re looking to show some appreciation and support to a music therapist in your life, these affordable gifts for music therapists are for you! Whether the music therapist sees clients in-person or virtually, these gift ideas are sure to serve them well.

The following 10 suggestions would most definitely make our lives easier and bring us joy! Some of these ideas are practical while some are purely fun – but all are intended to make the music therapist in your life feel appreciated. 

Bonus: All items listed below value no more than $15 to $20!

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Guitar restringing tool

1. Guitar restringing tool

This tool is an all-in-one lifesaver for changing the strings on our guitars! Should a string pop during a session (we can vouch that this is a pretty common occurrence!), this tool can make the process quicker and easier so that we can get back to making music! Additionally, no musician wants haywire strings poking them in the face because they didn’t have the tools handy to cut them. $7.99 on Amazon.

super glue

2. Super glue

While it may seem small and random, super glue can actually be a staple in instrument repair. Our instruments and materials become well loved throughout our careers, so having the right tools to extend the life of items like electronic keyboards or shakers is a must-have! $2.54 on Amazon.

Music therapy stickers

3. Music therapy stickers

Who doesn’t love stickers? These are some super cute music therapy-themed stickers that are bound to bring a smile to any MT-BC! A telehealth-based music therapist might put one on their computer to see every time they log on, or you might see a traveling music therapist stick one on their guitar case or water bottle to see throughout their work days. Either way, any music therapist will be happy to bring some personalization to their belongings! $3.50 on Etsy.

Travel hand sanitizer

4. Travel hand sanitizer

Music therapists are healthcare providers, and as such, we are always in need of hand sanitizer as we go between sessions and clients. These travel hand sanitizers can easily be attached to our guitar cases or bags and will keep us – and our clients – safe from germs! Plus, look how fun these bright colors are. $8.99 on Amazon.

clip on tuner

5. Clip on tuner

This handy-dandy clip-on tuner makes it easy to quickly get our guitars sounding perfect! It’s small and portable, and easy to read when we’re trying to tune efficiently. $6.88 on Amazon.


tablet stand

6. Tablet stand

Many music therapists utilize iPads or other tablets for a variety of reasons. We use them to read sheet music or lead sheets,  play recorded music, and complete paperwork. Additionally, tablets are often used interactively with our clients! Having the ability to easily prop up our device is especially helpful when displaying lyrics or visuals to our clients, accessing augmentative and assistive communication (AAC), or when our hands are full – which is pretty often! $9.99 on Amazon.


insulated water bottle

7. Insulated water bottle

Staying hydrated is key to doing our best work, but it can be tricky when we have multiple sessions in a day – especially for home-health music therapists. This insulated water bottle comes in many different colors and sizes and ensures that our water will stay cold and refreshing all day long! Its handle also makes it convenient to carry it along with us. $12.59 on Amazon.


gift box for MT-BC

8. Appreciation gift set

This adorable gift box includes soaps in fun music-themed shapes plus an actual egg shaker, and is even customizable with add-ons such as wrist bells and stickers! This is a two-fer – a guaranteed way to make your music therapist feel appreciated as well as a great way to support small businesses on Etsy! $14.99 to $19.99 on Etsy.


portable charger

9. Portable charger

Whether an Apple or Android user, this portable charger will save the day when in a pinch! When so much of a music therapist’s job is on-the-go, we may not have a chance to locate a power source throughout the day. This gift will come to the rescue for an MT-BC in need! $15.00 on Amazon.


gift cards

10. Gift cards

Lastly, gift cards are always a welcome option during the holiday season. Maybe the music therapist you have in mind always has Starbucks in their hand, or maybe you know that they always spend their lunch break at Panera. Either way, they will love that you noticed and will appreciate the gesture!

You’ve made it to the end! We hope you found these suggestions helpful, and happy holidays to you and yours!

We want to hear from you! If you’re a music therapist, what’s a practical gift that would make your life better? 

Sarah Turner, MMT, MT-BC

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Affordable Gifts for Music Therapists
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